Urgent After-Hours Doctor Call #

HealthSource Medical Patients,


We have been hearing from you that you are looking to us for updates on the current situation in Toronto and in our clinic. We are happy to hear that you are taking the social distancing measures seriously and thinking of ways to keep yourselves and your community safe and healthy.


Our clinic remains open but the way we are practising has changed. We are doing the majority of our visits via phone or video calls. If it is determined during one of these calls that you need to be seen in person, your doctor will arrange a time for you to come in. We have a “no waiting waiting room” policy which means that we are spacing out patients enough that they won’t encounter others in the waiting room. We are recommending that our youngest patients (infants and toddlers) still be seen for their vaccines at the regular schedule. However, the vaccines generally given at age 4 will be postponed for the next couple of months. We remind you that no routine physicals or cancer screening are happening at this time.


There is no urgent care in the office, however, we are offering urgent care in the evenings (5-8 pm Monday through Friday) and on Saturdays (10 am – 1 pm) via telephone. Please call 4165366686 to reach the on-call staff.


In addition to social distancing, the federal government isrecommending people cover their faces with masks when they are outside of their homes. The goal of this is to prevent spread from people who may be infected with the novel coronavirus but do not know it. We recommend that you make your own mask either by sewing (there are many patterns circulating on the internet) or by using a scarf or bandana. Remember to put on your mask with clean hands and to wash your hands and mask after using it. Please do not use medical grade masks – if you have some at home, consider donating these to your local hospital. We continue to have difficulty finding enough masks to keep our frontline health care workers safe.


If you haven’t yet, consider registering for our online service, Avocare. It is free to book appointments or message the front desk by email or text. It is often easier to use this than to call into clinic at the moment, as phone lines across the city are very busy.


And, as always, please reach out to us if you have medical concerns. We are here to discuss them with you.


Stay safe!