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What is Evidence Based Chiropractic?

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Evidence based chiropractic is chiropractic care that is based on the best available, scientifically validated evidence. Utilization of this information is apparent in an evidence based chiropractor’s clinical decision making process in regards to determining the cause of your dysfunction or pain and the appropriate methods required to treat you.

An evidence based chiropractor will initially perform an assessment which incorporates examinations and procedures that have been proven to determine an accurate diagnosis and cause of your pain and dysfunction. These procedures include history taking, range of motion testing, resisted muscle testing, functional movement assessments, neurological screens, palpatory findings and orthopaedic tests.

Treatment techniques an evidence based chiropractor uses such as joint manipulations/mobilizations, muscle/fascial release techniques, acupuncture, stretches and strengthening exercises have been shown to decrease pain and promote an increase in functioning.

Evidence based chiropractors have the ability to effectively treat conditions related your joints, muscles and nerves such as low back and neck pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, knee and hip pain.

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